Toys and Treats for Your Dogs’s Boarding Stay

 It is not necessary for you to provide toys or treats for your dog. Our facility has ample supplies to feed, exercise and care for your pet. However, if you wish to bring special items, acceptable, safe items are listed below.

Our primary concern during your pet’s boarding stay is your pet’s safety. We appreciate that you want your dog to be as happy and comfortable as possible during his/her stay. This is our goal as well. However, safety must come first. For this reason we have strict guidelines for our staff concerning feeding of pets and walking of dogs. We also have strict rules on what are safe treats and toys for pets. The following is a list of acceptable treats and toys that may be left in the kennel with your dog.


All treats should be food you normally give your pet. PLEASE DO NOT BUY SPECIAL TREATS FOR YOUR PET’S BOARDING STAY. Changes in diet may cause stomach upset and diarrhea. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND AND WILL NOT FEED RAW MEAT OR POULTRY.

Dog biscuits or other food type treats.

These biscuits or treats should be good quality treats made for dogs. Treats should be as easy to chew and swallow as regular dry dog food. Large dog biscuits are okay.

Beef rawhide chews (no pork)

The best types to buy are the chew “flips” these are squares or rectangles of rawhide. The rolled or pressed sheet rawhide bones are also suitable. Bones with knots or processed pressed rawhide chews are not allowed.


Nylabone brand hard nylon chewbones.

The Nylabone should be the correct size for your pet. We only allow the hard nylon (plastic) bones. The edible bones or soft rubber “Gumabone” are not acceptable.

Kong Toys

These are hard rubber toys designed to be filled with biscuits, treats or canned dog food. If you are providing a Kong toy please provide something from your dog’s normal diet to “stuff” it with. If no filler is provided we will use regular dry dog food.

All pets are provided with soft bedding in their kennels. Any items you leave for your dog will be used only for your pet. We will take care in handling your pet’s toys and treats. However, by leaving items for your pet, YOU AGREE THAT WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST ITEMS. We understand that your dog may be used to having certain toys and treats at home that we have not listed above. We have chosen the above items as they are known to be safe for dogs under normal circumstances. Items you provide that are not listed above will not be accepted at check in. We hope you understand and appreciate our concern for your pet’s health and safety. The following treats and toys will not be offered to your pet:

Real bones of any kind

Pig ears or any other pork skin related product

Cattle hooves.

Plush toys

The following toys may be used to play with your pet but we don’t leave them unattended in the kennel:

Latex toys

Rope toys


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